Read about this company.  We've been in business since 2002 ... proudly serving the globe.

About This Company

Designs by CM and My Script Store are our parent companies.  We are a skilled web development enterprise operating near Brookings, South Dakota, USA. We not only provide web development services to the USA, but we have a strong presence in the United Kingdom and Australia as well. We have also worked in many other countries such as Sweden, New Zealand, Uganda, China, Canada, Mexico and Ireland.

Our companies can offer customer service care that large corporations simply cannot. Our customer service policy is personal attention to detail. Whether you are an individual or corporation seeking to launch a project, we can help.

Purchasing, designing and advertising a new website is serious business. College training, hands-on experience, self-training and sheer skill are what make our companies special. Our talent and personable skills are what separate us from the corporate giants who hire inexperienced team members or employees who are not serious about their work, nor capable of performing the work handed to them.

There are a lot of web development companies available to you and it is hard to know which one you should choose to bring your project to life. If you'd like a custom instant quote module developed for your website, or you want a unique design for your website; if you want a website that actually works, looks great, is stable, performs well and provides good, clean coding; if you are desirous of personal attention and excellent customer service ... then you should choose us to bring your project to life.

No Outsourcing ... Ever!