We build custom Instant Online Quote modules for websites.  We also provide many other custom web development services.

Custom Web Design and Development

Custom Web Design and Development Services

Below are some of the services that our companies can offer you.  Click here for a free quote or to ask us a question.

Logo Design   Custom Web Design & Development   Search Engine Optimization
We can take your ideas and develop a logo, or branding, unique to your area of expertise. You can provide us with your thoughts on the look, and we'll provide you with some graphic logo samples. We'll then tweak the logo until you like it and move onto the next step.   We create all custom web design. We will only use templates on your site if you so desire and have found one that you particularly like. Otherwise, we create graphics to blend with our project and provide you sample designs for tweaking to develop your web design project.   For our customers who choose Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and visibility, we use all our expertise to encode your site with the best coding so that it can achieve optimal placement and ranking within the major search engines. After all, if your site cannot be found on the web, you will not receive many visits to it and thus it will be a failure, if your site depends on visits.  Click here to read about Search Engine Optimization.
Custom PHP Scripting   Custom Database Website Design   Custom CSS
We construct custom PHP scripts and can custom-build PHP scripts tied in with MySQL databases and provide your website with high-tech output. All our scripts are built by-hand and from scratch. If you have the need for more advanced web design project development needs or database website design, then we can help. Click here for a professional web development quote or click here to visit our sister company where we sell pre-made PHP scripts that you can purchase and install yourself.   PHP's friend, MySQL, is a perfect accompaniment to custom PHP scripting. MySQL is the leading web-based database in the world. It is true multi-tasking and is super fast when responding to web requests. A great database for simple to corporate websites.   Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) give your site flair.  With a custom-built CSS file for your site, changes can be made site-wide to the colors and styling of your site in a snap.  Style sheets govern the HTML tables, text, rollovers, layout, etc., on your site.  We do not build 100% CSS websites.  CSS was never meant to be used in this manor and we do not support this misuse of a style language.
Custom Animated Graphics   Shopping Websites   Custom JQuery and JavaScript
Want a cool animation for your site? We can build it. We build all our custom animation files by-hand so that the graphics are sharp, clean and crisp. The days of using Flash for these graphics are long gone, due to the use of mobile devices that do not support Flash creations. We create our animations as either GIF files or via jQuery executions, and both these methods are mobile device and tablet compatible.   Want to sell your products and services online? We can help! We offer many ways to sell your items online. We can build custom shopping carts, customize ready-made shopping carts, use PayPal buttons and more. There's many ways to sell your items online and we can build you a store that you will own, not rent. And, any store we build for you will be search engine friendly for selling your items. After all, if nobody can find your store, then you're not going to be selling many items.   JQuery and JavaScript are client-side programming languages used to create various interaction experiences with your site visitors. jQuery has exploded is can provide many visual experiences for your site visitors. We provide customization of this service as well.  And, the best thing about jQuery is ... it is mobile and tablet device friendly.
Website Maintenance & Support   Instant Online Website Quotes   Website Hosting
Want someone to handle keeping your site up-to-date for you? We can do it. We have plans for small sites and large sites. Being on our books as a registered maintenance plan owner will guarantee you priority treatment over the pay-as-you-go clients. The turnaround time for a maintenance plan owner is at least twice as fast as a request from a client that does not have a maintenance plan. So, if you like changes done fast, then you need a maintenance plan.   Through the years, we have become the "king" or "pioneers" of creating instant online quotes to display to site visitors. For example, if you are selling print items, we can create an interactive form for site visitors that will produce an instant quote on the screen for the items you offer. This can be an add-on to your website or we can prepare these for existing websites. You can also purchase our basic InstaQuote PHP Script and install it on your site yourself ... click here to visit our sister company where we sell all our web-based software which you can self-install.   We do offer FREE hosting to all new website creation projects. We can also provide you with hosting if you'd like to just simply be "under our wings of protection". We use only reputable hosting companies and we take care of everything related to your website for you.

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